Love is a fundamental part of the human experience.

When we give and receive love in healthy ways, we grow, bond, and flourish at a level that generates the quality of life that we deeply desire.

Still, many people find themselves frustrated in love and wondering why love so often turns to pain, why unhealthy relationships have become their pattern, or why authentic, loving connections seem to be missing in their lives.

I have learned that when people struggle to find the happy and healthy love they need, it’s often because:

  • They hold inner obstacles that generate their unhealthy patterns in love.
  • They’re not aware of the disempowering choices they make when they act in ways that are incongruent with what they say they want.
  • They have inadvertently disconnected from fully loving themselves.

As a result, many people:

  • Continually find themselves in relationships where their needs are not met.
  • Fall madly in love inside an unhealthy relationship, so their happiness becomes limited.
  • Lose faith in love altogether, believing that happy, healthy love is simply not available for them.

Perhaps some or all of this describes where you are today.

If so, I want to reassure you that there is no shortage of love in the world—and that you have not been specifically chosen to be excluded from it, either.

I do believe that you have the power to create a miracle of love for yourself, regardless of all the evidence you have been gathering to the contrary.

However, if you’re having painful experiences with love, you may be wondering: How do I even begin to cultivate happy, healthy love in my life? 

That is something I can help you with.

My name is Isandra, and I’m a Certified Calling in "The One" and Conscious Uncoupling Relationships Coach. Energized by Gandhi’s words, “be the change that you wish to see in the world”, I’ve also spent decades following my inner drive to be an agent of change. With a deep desire to help people live from their passions and have better relationships with themselves and with others—both personally and professionally—I’m constantly moved to support people of all walks of life to embrace the personal quest to be that which they most want to experience in their lives.

If you’re striving to recover from a breakup or heartache, to transform unhealthy relational dynamics, to become magnetic to soulmate relationships of any kind or even to simply love yourself more, I’d love to work with you to help you access your own power to generate the happy, healthy love that you so deeply desire and deserve.

I'm based in Puerto Rico and the marvels of technology allow me to effectively connect and support clients from any part of the world, offering all my services in English and Spanishor a healthy combination of both.

Wondering about next steps? Feel free to explore my website and if you feel moved to connect, contact me for a complimentary discovery session.

Until then, may we make this a momentous occasion as I welcome you to the possibility of your own Happy, Healthy and Loving life.

Divine blessings be with you,