Muñoz Bonilla

Isandra Munoz Bonilla

The practice of living in alignment with her talents, intuition and desires has led Isandra to discover the roles through which she has been able to work in service of her life’s purpose throughout different stages of her life.

Isandra holds a B.A. in Social Sciences and a Juris Doctor, both from the University of Puerto Rico, and for several years was committed to support the well-being of society through the practice of the legal profession. When motherhood became her priority, new experiences inspired her to explore additional ways to contribute in service of a better world.

Eventually, transformative education emerged as her passion and she now supports the empowerment of children and adults through her roles as Character Education teacher, Calling in "The One" Relationship Coach, Conscious Uncoupling Relationship Coach and FranklinCovey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) Consultant. It greatly inspires her to witness people light up with the joy of clarity when she shares the knowledge and best practices of each of these programs in a diversity of scenarios—in both English and Spanish—including the school classroom, seminars, workshops, online events, podcasts, television and radio presentations.

If you’re seeking support in any of the areas of your life mentioned above, I would be honored to learn more about you and together explore the ways I can support you to generate more happy and healthy personal and professional relationships—and, in doing so, bless your own life and the lives of all of us who share this world with you. Whether you’re interested in partnering with me as your coach or working with me as a featured speaker or consultant for your group or company, I welcome you to reach out to me today. ~Isandra

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At its core, my life’s purpose is about contributing to the evolution of consciousness and the co-creation of a happy, loving world. I believe this vision can be possible if we each do our best to heal from our inner limitations and intentionally become skillful in living together from a place of authenticity, truth and HAPPY HEALTHY LOVE. ~Isandra



How Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling
Came into My Life—and Stayed

The instant I recognized that “the beginning of the end” of my 19-year marriage seemed to be unfolding, I was shocked.

Yet, regardless of the fact that my now former husband had always been a noble human being, a supportive husband and an extraordinary father, the inexorable truth was that we had grown apart.

In the face of this life-altering situation, my number one priority was the emotional health of our children, then ourselves and that of everyone affected by this development. Although it was a heart-wrenching decision, I was determined to make the transition in the best way possible.  For me, this included to emerge whole, confident, and still believe in love.

Fortunately, even back then, I strongly held the belief that life supports me, guides me and works in my favor.  I had also learned to pay attention to the signs offered to guide me along the way. Living from this place of trust I was committed to listen to my inner guidance as a way to identify next steps and act accordingly.

So, when the possibility of our marital breakup emerged, in addition to praying for guidance, my initial action plan included meditation, counseling and doing my best to select books that could provide me the clarity and support I needed.

It was 2010, and as the books I had bought to support myself through this difficult time arrived, I discovered that I was not connecting with any of them. Eventually, I felt guided to reach out for a book I had bought as a gift to one of my single friends. Little did I know that Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life by Katherine Woodward Thomas would become one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.

Reading a book with that title at that particular time may have seemed to be a bit of a counterintuitive (and just plain crazy) idea. However, I can definitely assure you that I had no intention of complicating things by finding a new “One” or romantic partner in the middle of everything that was happening. After all, I was still living with my husband, wondering if it was really over and I was very present to the fact that we had a young son and daughter that would be getting some really upsetting news soon.

Very aware that I had been praying for guidance I was able to recognize clear signs that this was the book I was being led to read and work with at this particular time in my life.

Fortunately, I trusted this knowing and worked through the book during the exact seven weeks in which it was suggested to be done. The work I did with myself transformed my perspective, changed my way of being, and shifted the course of my entire life.

In fact, several new chapters began taking root for me within those seven weeks, both personally and professionally. It was very clear that I had learned to walk with a firmer step as a result of calling in and deeply connecting with the very “One” that I am. The vortex I had stepped into then was so powerful that, even when I had never considered something like it, only seven days after finishing reading the book I traveled from Puerto Rico to California to begin training as a Calling in “The One” Coach.

Had it been 2015, the year the Conscious Uncoupling, 5 Steps to Living Happy Even After book was published, instead of 2010, it’s probable that none of this would have happened. I can guess that in the midst of my marital crisis I would have found and read the Conscious Uncoupling book and most probably, my then husband would have done so, too.

But that book had not yet been published and life was amazing enough to guide me to what I believe was the next best thing: Katherine—the author of both books, and now my mentor and friend—and the life-transforming work she had available at the time.

conscious uncoupling book

My Experience with Calling in "The One"

A while after the completion of my Calling in “The One” coaching certification in 2010, I began supporting Katherine’s online programs and have since become a mentor coach to the new generation of coaches in training. Having been inside this work for many years, I have experienced the Calling in “The One” process several times ever since the days when I was navigating a possible separation from an 19-year marriage. 

To this day, the process is continually blessing me with more clarity, freedom and trust in my capacity to have and sustain happy, healthy, loving relationships everywhere I go.

I can joyously say that I have attracted constant love and support in all areas of my life, and this includes being blessed with the company of people who have beautiful qualities and are aligned with my core values and evolving interests. I have also witnessed hundreds of people flourish into happier, healthier, more loving lives, having generated love in the company of a romantic partner, within their families, inside the workplace, and, most importantly, within themselves.

Since the beginning, my Calling in “The One” experience has revealed to me that the wisely orchestrated seven-week process is much more than a program that can help you become ready to attract a particular one person that is your soulmate. It’s also a guide about manifesting, miracle working and co-creating your best life. This program is a call to integrity and to what living in integrity can create—a beautiful, unprecedented life abundant in love and joy.

For me, “The One” is me and all parts of me, “the One” is you and them, “The One” is the Source of all that is. A portal to layers of depth in relatedness, connectedness and Oneness.

Regardless of what’s happening in your relationships at the moment, if healing, transforming or upgrading the quality, health, and happiness of your relationships is something you desire, I would be honored to partner with you in achieving these goals.

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conscious uncoupling book

My Experience with Conscious Uncoupling

Several years before publishing the book of the same name, Katherine’s Conscious Uncoupling online program became available in December of 2011. By the time I was already well inside the process of being consciously uncoupled from my 19-year marriage. Still, curious about how the online program could help me, I signed up.

As I participated in the program, I discovered that even though my former husband and I had done quite well on our own, the online program did prove to be a wonderful support for me. It also validated the good decisions we had been taking together and offered me fresh perspectives on the areas in which he and I could still do much better.

When the Conscious Uncoupling book finally came out in 2015 and I began reading through it, I immediately knew this was the book I would have liked to have back in 2010. To me, it would have been a confirmation of how I wanted to approach the transformation of a relationship that had served its purpose, clarification of how certain dynamics had come to be, and I would have felt validated in so many ways—as so many of my thoughts and words back then are named and written inside the book.

This was definitely the book that I would have wanted my ex-husband and I to read together. With its wisdom and guidance, we could have done even better than we did on our own. We also would have been able to opt for hiring a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach, which would have undoubtedly catapulted us to a new level of wholehearted uncoupling. I wish that everyone navigating a heartbreaking parting of ways could have access to some form of the Conscious Uncoupling perspectives and practices—especially if there are children involved. In service to this mission I became a Conscious Uncoupling Coach.

Interestingly, and to my great joy, the Conscious Uncoupling 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After process has proven to be of great value to me beyond the romantic arena.

In 2017, the same year I happened to be training for my Conscious Uncoupling Coach certification, I lived through two very emotional and heartbreaking experiences. First, at the beginning of February a beloved soul sister passed away. If through death you have lost a best friend or a loved one who is present for you in some form on a daily basis, you certainly know how hard it is to uncouple from the life you once had with them.

Then, during September, the island of Puerto Rico where I reside was impacted by two hurricanes—the second one devastating the island. My home was spared yet the hardships we endured and the effects of the aftermath seemed endless. I personally went through four months without electricity, and I am clear that I was fortunate compared to what many others went through. Yet, to uncouple from a complete way of life that was shattered for you and everyone around you was an intense life-changing experience as well.

As you can imagine, living happily even after was really put to test for me that year. Yet everything I learned through the Conscious Uncoupling process and the skills I developed after so many years of being inside this work, without a doubt, helped me experience the losses, the pain, and the deep emotions involved with these highly emotional uncouplings and still pull through—all while keeping a very grateful HAPPY HEALTHY open heart.

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While different in purpose, Conscious Uncoupling as well as Calling in “The One” share a common result: they will support you to identify and evolve your inner obstacles to love and lead you to the possibility of generating HAPPY HEALTHY LOVE in your life. 

If you’re seeking help in any of the areas of your life mentioned above, I would be honored to learn more about you and together explore the ways I can support you to generate more happy and healthy personal and professional relationships—and, in doing so, bless your own life and the lives of all of us who share this world with you.