Establishing Healthy Boundaries When Parting Ways

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It is never too late to begin establishing healthy boundaries. Even when you are going through a breakup, separation or divorce.  

In a Conscious Uncoupling, there is great interest in the relationship that will be created after the coupling is complete 

In the best of cases, the next chapter can look like a cordial distance or a genuine friendship. It can also be an effective co-parenting or whatever the former couple is willing to explore.  

The success of a relationship transition will require establishing limits that will allow each person to move forward as desired

Of course, this will also need for each to be willing to respect what the other person is requesting. Without this, the health of the emerging relationship could be at stake.

As I share with my clients, if establishing healthy boundaries inside your relationship was never your forte, this might be your opportunity for growth.  With this in mind, you may want to take time to reassess things like:

-how much personal information you want to share with each other moving forward

-which of your former routines will stay and which ones will evolve

-and how much unsolicited advice you are willing to receive from your former partner.

With clarity on what is important to you, it will be easier for you to set proper limits.

Be willing to use the end of a relationship as an opportunity to show up in a new and healthier way

It will certainly help your uncoupling process. And you will also be practicing self-love. A valuable foundation for building the current and future healthy bonds that you truly desire.

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